Adventure awaits, one dinosaur at a time!

We are the wife and husband team behind Junior Paleontologist. The idea came to us when our 3 year old fell in love with everything dinosaur related. Thus, we wanted to make Junior Paleontologist a marketplace for dinosaur enthusiasts. Our products range from dinosaur action figures to stuffed animals, science kits to building sets, bedroom décor to accessories, and more! All of our products are kid approved by our little ones. Not only do we want to see the smiles on our children, we want the same smiles to appear on yours! A happy child is a happy parent!

Right before the Covid-19 lockdown in March, our littlest one was born. Suddenly our responsibilities were doubled with the pressure and worry of how to navigate through the strange world of lockdown limbo. We couldn’t go out in fear of infecting our little ones, but we also had to keep our 3 year old entertained while our baby slept and while we worked from home. We started ordering toys from different brands but because of Covid-19, shipping was delayed and we couldn’t keep with all the receipts and packages coming at different times. We wanted to find a place where we could get all our dinosaur shopping done at one time; a brand where we trusted with quality and shipping times. Therefore, we created a brand of our own – Junior Paleontologist.

Since there was no more going to daycare, we had to find new ways to encourage creativity, engagement, imagination within our child. This is where our products came in. Nothing like spurring on their imagination with the great ancestors of our lands – the dinosaurs! Due to the dinosaurs’ unique shape and distinctive qualities, these features will inspire curiosity and hours of imaginative play. With our science kits and some of our dinosaur accessories, your child will develop fine motor and critical thinking skills. All of our products are recommended for ages 3 years and up. Please put forward your best judgement and supervise when necessary. Happy playing!!

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